All about statement rings- Complete Guide for you

If you fail to style and wear a statement ring properly, then this guide can help you out. There is a set way to style these cocktail rings. As we all know that these kinds of rings are big and known to be marked as fashionable rings. And if you are interested in check out the design of Damascus steel rings, then check out them from here:

Statement or cocktail rings- What they are?

These are bold looking and immensely eye-catchy and unique rings. Moreover, they are large in size compared to normal looking fashion rings. They are showcased and featured with an oversized gem or metal motif or even with a diamond. These rings perfectly explain and illustrate your personality and style statement. Those who want to shop for the Damascus wedding banddo that from here and share your feedback.

Styling guide about statement rings

You can wear these cocktail rings on any hand of yours. Feel free to wear them on any occasion. For the office, you can choose such a statement ring that is minimalistic looking. On the other hand, for formal events, go for the bigger in size and glamorous looking rings. And for casual occasions, go on wearing playful and quirky rings.

Rules for wearing statement rings

  • You can wear just one statement ring in your hand and the rest of the jewelry will be understated. Or you can wear and style up multiple rings.
  • There is no risk of wearing multiple numbers of cocktail rings at one single time. What you can do is match and synchronizes their color and play with different and varied textures.

Popular gemstones incorporated and infused in cocktail rings

The use of white gems is pretty common while making these statement rings. In this white gem category, you can have opal, pearls, or diamonds. Some cocktail rings look amazing in red gems. You can go on choosing garnet and ruby for this ring type.

In the yellow gem category, we have fire opal and citrine. Moreover, in the blue gem category line, we have blue sapphire and blue topaz.

How to choose a perfect looking gem for your statement ring?

  • The very first tip is that you can choose and select the gem that fits well with your outfit.
  • Or you can prefer choosing the gem for your statement ring that well shows and explains your personal significance mark. Like, select the gemstone based on your birth time.
  • Most importantly, choose the best metal for your statement ring setting. Invest in a metal type is durable enough. You can select the metal type like that of platinum or go on using 18K gold.
  • In this affordable metal category, you can have the metal range of 9K gold, gold vermeil, and silver.

More details on statement rings and cocktail rings are coming up. If you love wearing these rings, then share with us your collection too. And keep tuned and in touch with us. Other ring designs, their ways of styling and wearing and their origin will sooner be penned-down over here.