Can Dogs Eat Eggs? What You Need to Know!

The Downsides of Eggs in Dogs

Eggs are known to be not only great for human consumption but for dog consumption too. On the other hand, it is essential to have an idea about some of its downsides also.

The truth is that some drawbacks need to be tackled before making yourself clear about the goodness of eggs to your dog. In case you are not aware, eggs are also foods that contain enzyme inhibitors, and they can be found in the white portion of an egg.

The white portion is otherwise known as the albumen. With too much intake of these enzyme inhibitors, proper digestion may be affected.

However, if eggs are given to your dog in a limited manner, there is nothing much for you to worry about. In totality, eggs are still a fantastic addition to the diet of your dog. It’s absolutely a significant and beneficial feeding choice you should consider for your canine.

Feeding Raw Eggs and Shells to Your Dog: Is it Good?

The truth is that there is a big controversy in regards to the idea about allowing a dog to eat raw egg and shells. Try to think that some dogs have short and quick digestive tracts.

With this in mind, giving these dogs some raw eggs is something that can cause any trouble to them. Well, you must be thinking about the opposite because in reality, providing raw eggs including their shells to your dog can give a lot of benefits to him, especially on his coat.

Raw eggs mean merely that they are not cooked, so the protein it contains is not altered in any way. With unaltered protein eaten by your dog, your friend’s fur is kept shiny. And what does it mean when your furry friend has a shiny coat? It merely says that your pet is healthy.

On account to the shells that are being eaten by dogs, there is nothing much to worry about even when you think that shells are not meant to be eaten. In fact, egg shells are very beneficial because of their rich calcium content.

Calcium that comes from egg shells is highly desirable for your dog. However, you must be warned that raw eggs should not be given to pets with poor health.

The same thing is also true to those that suffer from a weakened immune system. This often causes contamination and could be the root of more canine severe complications.

Dogs and Eggs: the Conclusion

If there is one smart way to feed your Can Dogs Eat Eggs, that has to be giving him one or two eggs at least twice or thrice a week. Do not intend to overdo the practice of giving too much egg in each of his/her diets.

There is nothing to worry about if your dog that has eaten egg shells as this is an excellent source of calcium, a pet-friendly way of strengthening his/her bones and teeth.

Even when egg consumption is associated with the rise of cholesterol in the body, this is something that is best applied to humans.

Dogs have shorter lives, so the accumulation of cholesterol is not going to be a problem. If you want a type of food that can serve as a super supplement for your furry friend, then an egg is an excellent choice.

It is packed with essential nutrients needed by your dog to grow healthy, happy and robust. And of course, you will never have to spend much on this kind of food because eggs often cost you less compared to other dog treats and dog foods that are actually considered as inferior.

I hope I’ve been able to answer the question, “can dogs eat eggs” completely. Yes, dogs can eat eggs. Dogs can eat boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and they can even eat raw eggs.

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