Fable 2 cheats for Xbox 360


Achievement Description Gamerscore
Albion Ruler There is no richer hero in all of Albion! 100
The hero of the Force You were present when they recruited the Force heroin. 100
The hero of the Will You were present when they recruited the hero of the Will. 100
Skill hero You were present when they recruited the Skill hero. 100
Collector You or a friend have collected all the pet tricks, expressions and skills. What tenacity. fifty
Celebrity You or a friend are the most famous person in Albion. Heroes deserve to be celebrities! fifty
Novelty They have defeated Thag the Impatient. Albion has a new Qnnit. fifty
The meteorologist You or a friend have retrieved all of the Knothole Island totems and reactivated the Climate Chamber. fifty
The visionary You know what is going to happen. But will you be able to face the future when it arrives? fifty
The janitor All the demonic gates of Albion have been opened. It is normal that there is such a terrible current. 30
The gladiator 20,000 Colosseum points! Few have achieved such success. Less than a million, maybe. 30
Gargoyle You have discovered the treasure of gargoyles. Those cheeky boulders will never laugh at you again. 25
Saving Ace You or a friend have found all the silver keys. Some call it obsession. We do not. 25
Upstart A young hero has collected five gold coins for a fateful end. 25
The sacrifice ‘The collective good’ has sacrificed some loved ones to save the majority. 25
The family ‘The good of the minority’ has condemned thousands to save some loved ones. 25
Egotistical ‘Own good’ has sentenced thousands of people to death for a little gold. 25
The compiler Thanks to a great commercial ability all the objects in The box of secrets have been restaurant tycoon 2 codes . 25
The bibliophile You or another hero have regained the lost knowledge of Knothole Island. 25
The scammer You or a friend have found all the Murgo figures. You will be scam aces. 25
The multiplier You or a friend got a staggering 10 multiplier in the dangerous Colosseum. twenty
The fighter The necromancer from the Colosseum had nothing to do against a high-class hero. twenty
The sampler For you or a friend, morality comes first. There is nothing more boring than a neutral hero. fifteen
Extremist You or a friend are purity or corruption in person. fifteen
The colorist You, or a friend, have collected all the special colors hidden in other worlds. fifteen
Romantic soul You or a friend have organized the perfect date. Let’s hope it’s worth it. 10
Spouse You or a friend have married! Don’t you remember the wedding night? You would drink more of the account. 10
Diaper changers You or a friend have contributed to the increase in Albion’s population. 10
The shooting beast Nothing is more satisfying than getting the job done right! 10
Magnate A property has been sold for twice the original value. That is indeed a business. 10
Executioner Are achievements really worth more than the lives of so many innocents? Maybe yes. 10
Chance lover A hero has won 500 gold in one sitting in a tavern game. Time to keep betting! 10
Guilty of bigamy Marriage is so wonderful that it doesn’t matter to repeat! 10
Party soul You or a friend have given a very lively party. No one transmits as much joy as a hero. 10
The party animal You or a friend managed in less than 3 minutes that 5 people know what drunkenness brings. 10
The black knight You have made an art of hunting hollow men. Turns out it wasn’t a superficial wound. 10
Duelist You or a friend dominate the concatenated attacks. Your swift attacks are practically unstoppable. 10
The infallible shooter You or a friend hit three targets with one shot. Even Reaver himself would envy. 10
Ace of magic A sublime spell has killed five human enemies. 10
Menestral You or a friend have shown that you have what it takes to succeed at work. 10
Wrist picker You or a friend have collected all the heroic dolls. Too bad you can’t auction them. 10
The companions You have made a perfect cooperative expression. Isn’t it great to play in company? 10
The double threat Earned a cooperative combat bonus. 10
Philanthropist A gift has been sent to a friend on Xbox Live. If the heroes are beautiful people. 10
The Nutcracker Heroes sow death either from pain or from laughter. This explains so much shooting in the groin. 10
The lover Aside from completing quests, a hero is also dedicated to delivering love. Lots of love. 10
The lout A balverino hero has scared five passers-by. How could they know it was just a costume? 10
The pathetic jester Nothing provokes as much laughter as a hobbe dressed as a hero. Except a hero dressed as a hobbe. 10
Disgusting You or a friend nauseated five people. Maybe it was rotten lying meat. 10
The Hen Player A hero dressed as a chicken and started kicking his class. What cowardice. 10
Dogs lover You or your friend have played fetch with the dog. The poor thing loves to play. 5
The archeologist You or a friend have dug where the dog pointed you and have found something. 5
Ace of dressage Your dog or that of another hero have one more trick in their repertoire. 5
Ace of persuasion You or a friend have convinced a person to make a gift. 5
Ace of pose You or a friend have made a perfect expression and impressed a person. Amazing. 5
Ace of the hunt Good, huh? Have you killed a harmless bunny? Do you feel better? 5
Pateapollos You or a friend have kicked a harmless chicken. Luckily they have sturdy feathers. 5
Dive Ace You or a friend have thrown yourself down a 150m cliff. The heroes do not know vertigo. 5
Multi-name You or a friend have changed the title but we know you the same. You cannot hide. 5
Joker The bandits are to mess with them. It’s cutting! 5
Rascal You or a friend have robbed a house with people nearby. 5
Illustrated canvas A tattoo is forever. Just like this achievement. 5
Live life You have slept with more than one person at a time. Why do you think we turned the screen black? 5
The threat to society You or a friend have committed a lack of public scandal. What embarrassment! 5
Gothic paragon Everyone knows that there is no color more elegant than black. 5
The muse All Albión knows the songs that you have commissioned to compose about yourself. Boast. 5


Achievements Requirements
The Archaeologist (5) Dig up something your dog has discovered, or watch another hero do it.
The Archmage (10) A hero must kill five human enemies with a single spell.
The Artisan (10) Successfully complete a level 5 job, or watch as another hero does.
The Bigamist (10) Get married again, while you are still married, or watch another hero’s second wedding.
The Black Knight (10) Shoot weapons from the hands of a deep man, blow his head off and kill him.
The Celebrity (50) Get 50.00 reputation, or watch another hero do it,
The Chicken Kicker (5) Kick a chicken a good distance away, or watch someone else do it.
The Cliff Diver (5) Jump off a cliff into the water from 500 feet high, or watch someone else do it.
The Companions (10) Make a perfect cooperative expression.
The Completionist (50) Get all the expressions, pet tricks and skills.
The Dog Trainer (5) Teach your dog a trick.
The Dollcatcher (10) Collect all of the Hero dolls.
The Double Threat (10) Get a cooperative combat bonus.
The Duellist (10) Get a chain attack at full speed.
The Egomaniac (25) Choose “The Needs of the One”.
The Executioner (10) Sacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows.
The Extremist (15) Achieve 100% purity or corruption.
The Family (25) Choose “The Needs of the Few”.
The Gambler (10) Earn 500 coins in the pub, playing each game at least once.
The Gargoyle (25) Find the legendary treasure of the gargoyle.
The Goth (5) Dye your hair black, wear black and put on black makeup.
The Hero of Many Names (5) Change the title of your hero.
The Hero of Skill (100) Complete The Hero of Skill.
The Hero of Strength (100) Complete The Hero of Strength.
The Hero of Will (100) Complete The Hero of Will.
The Hoarder (25) Collect all the silver keys.
The Hunter (5) Kill a rabbit.
The Illustrated Hero (5) Tattoo each part of your body.
The Menace To Society (5) Commits an act of indecency in public.
The Muse (5) Inspire the Bardo to compose songs about your exploits.
The New Hero (50) Defeat the terror of Lake Bower.
The Paragon (15) Achieve 100% of Good or Evil.
The Parent (10) Raise a child.
The Party Animal (10) Get five characters drunk in less than three minutes.
The Persuader (5) Convince a character to give you a gift.
The Philanthropist (10) Send a gift to a friend on Xbox Live.
The Pied Piper (10) Start a party where at least five characters are dancing.
The Pooch Pamperer (5) Play with your dog.
The Property Magnate (10) Sell ​​a property for double its original price.
The Rogue (5) Steal something that has not been detected from a building while people are around.
The Romantic (10) Take a character on a perfect date.
The Ruler of Albion (100) Amass an empire of 2.5 million gold coins.
The Sacrifice (25) Choose “The Needs of the Many”.
The Sharpshooter (10) Hit three enemies with one shot.
The Show-off (5) Impress a character with a perfect expression.
The Spouse (10) Marry a character.
The Swinger (5) Participate in an orgy with various characters.
The Teaser (5) Have the bandits use different expressions in tft cheat sheet  .
The Whippersnapper (25) A hero must collect five pieces of gold as a child.
The Workhorse (10) Get a long enough chain of achievements while doing a job.