Glasgow Best Wedding Booth Hire

Wedding photo booth hire Glasgow is the best service to go for i.e. we not only help you make your wedding ceremonies memorable but also, we tend to provide you with a little what’s called an up game. As we are serving in this field for quite a long time we know what it feels like to be looked upon, if you have a bad wedding service because people tend to talk and they talk a lot but why not shut their mouths forever, why not we make them stop and tend to make them admire what’s Infront of them. Everyone wishes for this but a few will work for it. It’s a long struggle of how, what and when to do things so that they all end up giving the best results, Its not a one mans job. So, because of this reason we tend to ask you to call is at PBG and leave the rest up to us. Our team will work day and night to make everything perfect till the last detail.

Limo Service:

We can also provide you with a Limo Service, to pick you up for your wedding and drop you home later on with your perfect wife beside you. You will be wondering is that possible? Then the answer is certainly it is and admit it or not we have provided this service for quite some time. Our chauffeurs are one of the best in the area. As they are all local so they know the area very well, they are well aware of the traffic routines, easy routes, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go they will take you there in your given time frame.

Magic Mirror Facility:

At weddings, people tend to ask for a group photo and that is very difficult to take and also someone from the group will be taking it i.e. leave the group to take the picture. He will not be in the picture as he is taking the picture. By considering this scenario in mind we present to you the Magic Mirror Photo Booth which not only tries to take a full-body picture but also tends to take a group picture of like 20 people in a single shot. Isn’t it amazing or not?

Services at PBG:

Our services include the following things which are basic in every package but if you like you can ask for the add-on, which will cost you extra.

  • Top Quality Picture, which when printed is ready to be framed at the very moment without any alterations.
  • We will provide you with a booth assistant which is not only fully trained but is also friendly.
  • We will provide you with a complimentary USB, if you wish to take the pictures with you in the soft form.
  • We also will provide you with the facility of instantly uploading the picture to your social feed.
  • Our Prices are exceptional. Believe it or not, we will provide you not only with excellent packages but if you wish then we will devise one according to your budget so that you can pay up easily.